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boudoir photo in camberley

Boudoir Photography

Who is Boudoir Photography for?

I am fortunate to photograph women of all ages, shapes and backgrounds in my lovely little boudoir studio.

At the core of what I offer is a pampering session that makes a women feel amazing and more comfortable in their skin, its a celebration of who you are whats you've got.

Its always amazing to see how women just can see how beautiful they are, we always want to have what we don't have and find it hard or worry that its narcissistic to say we are actually ok with how we are and what we look like.

I think that's why boudoir is discreet as many people won't show or share this images in fear of seen to be showing off.

But the more we celebrate happy and confident then more it will be accepted to be happy and confident at any age or size.

Women evolve inso many ways over the decades and I often find I just love shooting women in their 40's & 50's as the sense of self acceptance combined with not really caring what others think is refreshing and utterly empowering.

What would empower you?

Location: Camberley.

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