boudoir photo shoot in camberley
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boudoir photo shoot in camberley


We are always asked what clients should bring along to their boudoir photo shoot. We love to shoot seductive, classy style images for you so we suggest bringing a black set of lingerie and white/ivory set as basic wardrobe.

We love to recommend local lingerie boutiques, Blue Lingerie Boutique

Serena stocks an amazing selection of stylish and beautiful quality lingerie that works for every body shape and personal style.

Whilst I love black and white/light lingerie I also so inspired when client arrive as the studio with an exciting and vibrant set of lingerie, bring what resonates with you and your style.

If you are at a point when you are still trying to find your style then use this shoot as a chance to explore this. Choose lingerie that you are drawn too rather than being concerned about what you think you should choose.

We love to shoot with flowing dressing gowns to keep modesty and to create seduction. Some clients love to invest in beautiful pieces of lingerie like suspenders and lace teddy suits. I also keep a large white shirt at the studio in Camberley for those more relaxed and playful boudoir style images. For a more detailed list of wardrobe suggestions, please contact us.

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