SUrrey Boudoir Studio, beauty portraits and seductive lighting
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SUrrey Boudoir Studio, beauty portraits and seductive lighting

BeMoi Beauty and Boudoir Photography Surrey..How should you arrive for your shoot in preparation for your hair and makeup. The same rules apply for a shoot as they do any time you are having your makeup and hair done by a hair and makeup artist...The day before your shoot don't self tan or use anything different to you normally do for example a face mask. Your skin could react to this giving you a break out. Self tan is not needed at all for a BeMoi Beauty and Boudoir Shoot your skin needs to look brightened and it will be to no benefit..If you feel very pale and washed out the best thing to use is a moisturiser with a very small amount of self tan for example DOVE body glow as it will not streak and just give a subtle glow...Your Skin ; your should arrive for your Bemoi beauty and boudoir surrey shoot with clean skin and no makeup. If you wear any makeup please keep it minimal the last thing we want to do is waste precious photography time removing a whole face of makeup. Clean your skin as usual and wear your usual moisturiser. This is the best base for us to work with...Your Hair; Depending on how greasy your hair gets you need to wash your hair the day before. If it gets greasy quite quickly then wash the evening before if it doesn't the morning of the day before is absolutely ideal. If you have shampoo and condition as normal but do not put in any extra serums or moisturising treatments this will make the hair to soft and not easy to style. If you have a hair mousse this is great as it will help the hair to keep the curl or style the next day.

Location: Surrey-London.

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