Surrey Boudoir Studio creating stunning beauty portraits
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Surrey Boudoir Studio creating stunning beauty portraits

Beauty shoot by BeMoi Beauty and Boudoir Surrey...The main aim of our Beauty and Boudoir shoot is to capture a woman’s true essence and beauty as naturally as possible. To achieve this we use a mixture of clever makeup and natural light. Once you use natural light on a lady you will discover how much it brightens and softens a woman’s face. No editing is then needed of a person just colour and contrast. It softens lines and any wrinkles leaving the finished so natural and perfect you will be amazed at the result. Our Beauty and Boudoir studio in Surrey has large spaced floor to ceiling windows which flood the room with natural lighting and also the lady being photographed. The result on a woman’s skin is outstanding. ..Beauty and Boudoir shoots benefit the most from natural lighting as the skin texture is the main feature of the photo. How lovely to be able to tell your friends that the finished results are all natural. How lovely to have photos that represent you at your very best...Of course an outdoor shoot can also benefit from natural light. BeMoi Beauty and Boudoir is based in Surrey and as such has some amazing outdoor areas that can be used to shoot. However once you move a shoot to an outdoor setting you lose control of thing natural light substantially. Shadows can be created by external objects for example trees. Making the shoot lighting far harder to control...By far the best way to shoot a woman is in a relaxing home style setting with a good area of natural light coming through. This is how BeMoi beauty and Boudoir shoots Surrey have made their style of shooting so superior to many others

Location: Surrey-London.

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