Surrey Boudoir Studio for curvey classy women
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Surrey Boudoir Studio for curvey classy women

At BeMoi Beauty & Boudoir Studio In Surrey we often talk to clients who have concerns about how much of their body they feel comfortable to reveal..For us, the idea of Boudoir is more suggestive than obvious nudity, we call it implied nudity or implied topless in the industry..This means we clever disguise underwear to give the illusion of nudity or use beautiful pieces of clothing to reveal small areas of skin in places to suggest you are naked, when you are not...This is much more sensual and seductive that outright nudity and makes our clients more comfortable throughout their photo shoot...We also aim to create stunning beauty portraits of each client, these are simple yet glamourous images that they will be comfortable to share with friends and family are less intimate and personal...Every woman deserves to have a truly beautiful photography of themselves, to be able to see themselves the way others do is a gift we strive to give at BeMoi

Location: Surrey-London.

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