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Surrey Boudoir Studio makeover studio for boudoir and beauty portraits

BeMoi Beauty and Boudoir Photography Surrey..It can be a daunting experience having a boudoir shoot. Not everyone feels confident wearing just underwear in front of strangers. I believe it really makes a difference that we have an all female team and we are just ordinary women like yourself. This helps to make you feel more comfortable...However also you don't actually have to wear just underwear the amount you wear is completely up to you. You can start of in a beautiful dress and work your way down. That way whatever you feel comfortable with is best. This also makes better photographs as you need to be as relaxed and confident as you can...Another good idea is to wear a shawl or kimono type Jacket this keeps you covered but showing a degree of underwear. Think of the saying less is more this is true as well in Boudoir photography..If you take a look at BeMoi beauty and Boudoir Surrey’s website there is a great variety of pictures to show you which styles and levels of undress you can use...There are no rules on BeMoi Beauty and Boudoir shoots you have the choice to wear what you want and what you like. Once you are used to the camera you will be amazed how enjoyable the experience is and can decide what you levels of undress you would like. You can even go nude if you choose some close shot body only shots can look great on the wall and create an amazing artwork of body angles.

Location: Surrey-London.

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