Leila’s Boudoir Shoot

Leila’s Boudoir Shoot

Camberley Boudoir Studio

When Leila arrived at the studio for her boudoir shoot, I knew we would have a bloody good laugh. Leila was ready to play!

She also told me she didn’t want me to retouch the photos as she is pretty happy with herself, thank you very much. It was music to my ears!

We had so much fun playing and posing and a bottle of Prosecco went down a treat, seriously dressing amazing women up all day long is my idea of a dream job!

I loved the amazing positive energy that Leila bought to the shoot. She threw herself into the shoot completely, had a blast and as a result we both just love the results.

I have now asked Leila to be a Brand Ambassador for me. Leila fits the body positivity, feels good factor approach that I love my clients to experience when they come to me for a boudoir photo shoot. So if you want ask Leila any questions about her experience please feel free to join my VIP group on Facebook and get in touch with her. You can see what Leila gets up to over on her Facebook Page

Below is a review of Leila’s boudoir shoot with me

Chantal x

Leila’s Story

Wow 😍 what can I say!! Thank you Chantal Storrs-Barbor for such an absolutely amazing boudoir shoot 📸 I literally felt a million dollars from start to finish. Was spoilt with a mini bottle of prosecco 🍾.

So relaxed and comfortable all the way through, you really are a truly talented lady! ❤️ I can’t even put into words how over the moon I am right now, and I’ve only seen 9 of the pictures! 🔥 I can’t wait to see the rest. Thank you thank you thank you a million times. If you haven’t booked in for this yet, you NEED to!! 🤩 What an amazing boost!! xx


For more information about booking your very own boudoir shoot please contact Chantal Storrs-Barbor or visit me on my  VIP Face Book Group

Boudoir Provocateur VIP Group-with Chantal Storrs-Barbor.










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