Top 5 Tips for a great Headshot!

What makes a good Headshot?


The studio seems to be buzzing with clients who need a new Headshot at the moment!

Whether you are an actor or a business person, our Top 5 Tips for a great headshot is worth a read!


1- Be clear on how you want to be perceived. For business headshots this can mean how you would your clients to see you. So consider if are you customer facing and need to appear approachable, or perhaps your image needs to exude authority and confidence.  For actors, do you have specific character types that you want to present to agents and casting directors to show versatility?  Discuss all of this with your photographer so they can capture exactly what you need.


2- Give your wardrobe plenty of thought. Keep the look clean and simple. Avoid patterns and bold colours as they tend to distract from the most import aspect of a headshot, YOU!


3- Try and bring 2/3 wardrobe changes, this can allow you to create different looks with different a atmosphere and give you more choice when choosing your final images.


4- Make-Up & Male Grooming;  It’s always worth considering investing in Hair & Make-up or basic Male Grooming prior to a photo shoot. A good Make-Up Artist will create a natural yet well polished look for your shoot.


5- RELAX! Keeping your face relaxed and natural is the key to a great headshot. It’s not easy if you are not used to being in front of the camera but discuss any concerns with your photographer and allow then to guide you. When people are tense, the muscle in the face and shoulders strain and creating an uncomfortable looking images. Remember… relax and BREATHE!


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